Serving clients in East Sussex, West Sussex and Kent
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Serving clients in East Sussex, West Sussex and Kent
T: +44(0)7999 650664       /      E: [email protected]
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In an ever more crowded market place and a plethora of marketing channels by which to communicate to an audience, getting your company and its product and services to stand out has become increasingly more challenging requiring a well considered marketing strategy and well executed campaigns. 

Alphazeta develop highly targeted strategies and campaigns – both offline and online – that help your raise your company profile, grow market share and build loyalty in your brand and products.  

To develop a marketing strategy thats right for your company or business, whether a start-up or an established SME, we follow a clear process.

Developing a Marketing Strategy


Talk to you. Talk to your customers. Research the market place. Determine where you are now as a business.



Where do you want to go? Identify realistic and achievable goals and objectives for your business.



Identify and segment your target customers, create buying personas and the channels required to communicate to them.



Create a marketing action plan; design and create the perfect mix of campaigns to achieve those identified goals.



Put the plan into action. Track its progress against the objectives. Monitor, measure and refine.


Initial conversations are important – it helps us work out where you are and what you want to achieve as a company or organization. It informs everything going forward so we can help fulfill these ambitions.

Identifying your target market helps us to tailor a marketing strategy and subsequent communications and campaigns that speak directly to your customers, resulting in more personal interaction with your company and brand. After implementing the campaign strategy we track its progress and provide regular measurement and reporting.

Well executed, targeted marketing strategies can give you the edge over the competition, particularly in trickier economic times when the need to attract an audience and develop new customers becomes more critical.